How to Handle Jealousy Among Children

How to Handle Jealousy Among Children

Whenever we inform our child or children that they are going to be big brothers and sisters soon, they become very happy and excited. Yet, when a little sibling arrives, there is that kind of attitude big siblings show their parents as well as to their baby sibling. Worry not! I’ll give tips on how to handle jealousy among children.

Have you ever experienced handling situations such as stopping sibling fights or arguments and even being the shield from whatever thing is being thrown upon another child from his sibling? In the long run, things get out of hand when another family member is on the way. I would like to share with you “how to handle jealousy among children”.

Wayback 2018 when I gave birth to my second child, my little daughter who was 2 years old at that time. At first, she was very excited. She would caress my tummy and talk to her little brother and then we feel how he actively responds. The bond between siblings is very special.

January 14, 2018, when my son finally came out. We went home with so much excitement because I know my daughter is the number one person who couldn’t wait to see her little brother. Finally, the first time she saw her little brother, she warmly hugged and kissed him. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life seeing my kids very happy to be together.

I noticed that my daughter was becoming very irritable. At an early age, she would argue with me. She started to insist on things, even if she doesn’t really want or need them. I realized that as a mother, there is something that needs action. With this in mind, my maternal instincts are strong, that I realized I have the problem.

Let’s go back to when I just delivered my second child… I became busy and so focused on taking care of my newborn child. I realized that my daughter lacked attention. The attention that she had before her little brother was born. Therefore, this is something we all have to pay attention to and learn from. Jealousy among children is not just a simple problem. Regardless of the situation, these tips will help everybody to handle jealousy among children accordingly.

Did you know that jealousy among children can be very alarming, too? There are cases in children who harm their siblings intentionally, but sometimes by accident because they can’t help being so jealous. If we do not take action, it might be too late to realize that if only we have paid equal attention to all our children, then jealousy would have been absent and all our children would have behaved well.

Attend to your child if she/he needs something

siblings playing how to handle jealousy
a brother and a sis

Every child needs attention. Your attention as a mother is enough to make your child happy and kind. If your child needs something, such as food when she’s hungry or it can be something she wants you to do for her, do it. It is her way of catching your attention, basically because she needs it.

Listen to your Child

One way to let your child know that you care for him is to listen. There are times when your child keeps talking and telling you his/her experience or ideas about certain things. The most important way of showing care for him is to respond and just keep him entertained. When he gets bored and he notices you’re not listening, jealousy arises.

Tere are many ways to show your child that you show them care and attention.

Don’t just focus on one child

Hey, if you don’t really want jealousy to arise from your child’s mind and heart, keep your attention equal. I know that it’s hard as a mother to keep chasing your child while you have a newborn to take care of for instance, but you are a mother of these children and it is your responsibility to look after them.

It is a challenging part of being a mother, isn’t it? But you have to keep in mind that you have to keep your eye on them. Play with all of them. Join your newborn with siblings. It is also a way to build your newborn’s social skills. You will notice at a later time that he gets used to meeting other people.

Children who were not introduced to socialization end up introverts at some point in their life.

Sometimes, when you just focus on one child, the other child gets jealous and might want to hurt his/her sibling.

Give some time to the other child, not only the baby or the younger one.

Of course, as a mother you’ll feel it when your other child is getting jealous when you pay more attention to his sibling.

What I do is I let my husband look after my baby for a while and ask my older one to come to snuggle with me and have a little bonding together. This will make her feel more loved and she will also love her little brother more. At some point, she forgets hatred in her heart just because she gets jealous every time I focus on her little sibling and there are times I can’t be able to do the things in her favor.

Talk to your child.

it’s important to initiate mother and child conversation. Having a sincere talk with your child helps her understand how things work. Explain to her everything she needs to understand. Remind her that you are always there when he needs you; that you always love him and you don’t favor anyone but all of them.

Jealousy among children should be addressed

There’s no need to worry if you give your child enough attention to avoid jealousy. Children can easily understand things if you make them realize how everything works. Ensure equal attention to your children. Jealousy is normal, but it causes children to hate each other, including their parents.

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