Things we Should or Shouldn’t Do as a Mom

Things we Should or Shouldn’t Do as a Mom

Being a mom, we do everything for the welfare of our children. With that being said, here are a few things we should or should not do as a mom:

Don’t compare yourself to other mommies.

Every mom is unique. We have our own unique ways of raising our own family. We know what’s best to do when it comes to taking care of our children and maintaining the relationship with them and your partner.

Hence, there are moms who always wanted to be like other moms who are able to do things they can’t. Don’t worry if you are one of them. Remember that it’s not also you but them who also wish they could be able to do things like how you do.

Avoid having arguments with other mommies while you are with our kids.

There are times when mommies do have misunderstanding at some point during conversations with friends or friends of friends and we cannot avoid that. If you are having a little misunderstanding with another mom, don’t let your children see especially that whatever they witness, they think it’s good to follow.

Do some exercise & meditation

One way we can reduce the risk of health problems or any kind of problem that causes stress is exercising. Find time in a day when your kids are sleeping, you should at least have your “me-time”.

Every mom deserves a little moment or a Break for some time. It’s not because we are full-time moms doesn’t mean we forget about taking care of ourselves as well.

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Create a list of your daily routine and maintain it.

To keep things more organized, sit for a little while during the night before you sleep and jot down all the things you should do the next day. It’s important that we have our own plan for the day to follow to keep things well-oriented. Include the activities that your kids will be doing while you do all the jobs at home.

Go out sometimes with your family and have a little picnic at a peaceful place.

It’s a stress reliever to experience hanging out with your family once in a while to breathe some fresh air while bonding with them. It refreshes the mind, body, and soul. Go out sometime maybe somewhere peaceful with all the green surroundings.

Don’t say trash words in front of your kids.

You are a model. A model should be good at all times. Whatever your kids hear from you, they imitate. It’s not a good idea to say shitty words while you’re with them because they will think it’s perfectly fine to say them.

Always show support to your children.

Giving and showing support to your children gives them a very good impact as they grow because they won’t have emotional distress or they won’t feel neglected. If they have school activities, go with them, and encourage them to do good or behave well.

I’m sure when they get to the teenage years, they won’t be needing you at school which makes it a little awkward to them so while they’re young, give them all the best support you can give and always cheer for them.

Scolding or shouting is not a good idea to teach or correct your children.

A lot of mothers are very stressed about staying at home 24/7 with all the unending mess and workloads. There might be times when your child makes a little mistake and you get upset and end up shouting at them because you feel all the stress and exhaustion.

This is not a good idea to teach them how things should work. Calm down, speak neutrally, and correct them if possible. It is understood that you are tired and you want a little time for yourself, that’s okay but you also need to consider how your children feel when you get mad at them.

Think positively.

Remind yourself that you have kids relying on you as their mom. You have to make things work by staying positive as much as possible. You’ll realize that if you maintain being positive all the time, then all things will work well for you and your family.

Your mood can also affect your children’s moods. When they see you in a bad mood, they will also feel bad because they are seeing their mom not feeling well or not doing good.

Stay Humble and Have Faith

This is one powerful possession of being a good mom. Stay humble all the time. If you think someone’s trying to destroy whatever you have because of jealousy or hatred, stay as you are and keep striving. Don’t think too much about others.

Think about how you’re going to raise your family well. Also, have faith in everything you do. It helps you to be more focused and determined to do things the right way.

There are a lot of challenges we encounter as parents. There are some moms who do not have or are not fortunate to maintain good relationships with their partners. But always think on the positive side of being a mother to your children, not being a good partner to anyone you wish you could have stayed with for the rest of your life. Prioritize your children because they depend on you and believe in you.

Give your children a chance to show their potential in their own ways.

one thing a mom should do is giving her child a chance to show his or her potential

Let them help you in their own little ways to show how much they appreciate your efforts to them.

It’s okay to have some fun with your friends sometimes but not as often as you have had when you were still on your own without children. Limit the times you go out with your friends. Instead, do it more with your family this time.

Keep your feet on the ground. Don’t lose hope in things you have failed in doing. Everything’s possible when you are determined to do so.

As a mother, you have to stay strong no matter what it takes and show your children you can overcome problems and tribulations that come into your life.

Never let depression hit you down because it’s just a trial that tests you if you can handle up until the worse comes.

Give your children what they deserve, love.

They may not be always by your side forever. The memories you give them and let them experience will always be remembered when the time comes that they forget about you. And yes, this can happen. There might be a point in your life that you aren’t respected. Reflect on the past to know the reason behind it.

Learning starts at home. By all means, try to teach your children every good thing to remind them someday that these good things you taught them worked and made them stronger people to survive and acquire a good life.

A mother never fails to give all the love, respect, support, and all teachings in life to her children.

At some point in life, your children will always come back to you and thank you for all the things you have done for them.

Try to reflect on the things you still haven’t done for your children and list them down. Try to plan how you’re going to take action. Sometimes, we forget about ourselves thinking too much about our children. But that’s because we are mothers, and we love what we’re doing!

Never say you’re a bad mom. This is one of the things a mom shouldn’t do

There are times that we think we are bad just because we can’t give everything our children want. But that’s not the point of keeping your children.

Some moms think they are bad because there’s just this little thing they can’t do to make their children happy. If you have taught your children that not everything they want should be given or provided, then they will understand if you have nothing.

Money can’t always buy everything. There are many things that money cannot buy. Respect, unconditional love, care, and all the good things that can’t be bought by all the money in the world. 

Never beg for love because it comes to you in unexpected ways.

I’m not just talking about the love you need from your own children, but as a mom, we should also have someone to live with for the rest of our life. It’s normal. But never beg for it. Just wait for the right time to come and love will come to you.

The reason why relationships don’t last long is that people rush, thinking as if there’s no tomorrow and there’s no time to waste. Because of this, they end up breaking the relationship. Also, both parties didn’t plan very well before getting committed.

So before you plan to enter a relationship, make sure you are ready and you put yourself into it. Exert some effort, sow some improvements in yourself, try not to be selfish. A relationship is a give and take. You have to give love to take love in return.

          If it does not come, then focus on your children.

Make a little space for yourself.

There are times you should also think of yourself before others. Of course, you still need to be a mother to your children. Make some time and space for yourself and see things to look forward to as you move on in life, with your children.

There are a lot more things in life and it’s up to us how we can be able to reach these beautiful things waiting or us and waiting to happen. Just trust yourself, trust one another, and don’t forget to thank God for all the blessings he has given us!

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