Bad Habits of Children We Should Avoid

Bad Habits of Children We Should Avoid

Many moms would ask other moms about tips on mothering. Above all, the most common way to raise a well-mannered child is through discipline. Hence, we should also consider keeping an eye on the bad habits of children we should avoid.

As busy mothers, we still make sure we have done mommy duties the right way.

mom and child-teach child to avoid bad habits

However, there are times when we don’t notice the bad habits our kids are doing.

Does any mom here observe some practices her child is doing while eating? One of the obvious bad habits is eating while lying down.

I have observed my child who eats while lying down and it really bothers me as a mother because I am surprised by his bad habit, and nobody in the house is doing this practice.

I told him to sit straight while eating. He does, but after some time he lies down again.

He does this because he is in the living room,

and he prefers eating there because he does other things aside from eating. A multi-tasking child!

So the question is, “how did I handle this kind of situation”? I needed to cut his watching time while eating, or do any other thing while eating.

I had to take him to the dining area to eat there and focus on his meal first before he can do other things.

At first, he refused to eat without watching or playing his toy.

My solution was:

I kept all the toys, I turned off the television, and hide the mobile phones to keep him concentrated on his meal.

This is one good idea because you take away all the things that distract them.

They end up not finishing their food and you had to keep chasing them to feed them until they’re done; most common bad habits children should avoid

I came up with a plan to maintain this routine every day. Therefore, I need to get him used to eat without any other distractions.

Finally, after a week or two, he finishes his own meal without doing anything else and he eats in the dining room, sitting properly on the chair and concentrating on his food.

There are other bad habits of children we should avoid such as:

leaving things when they’re done. It’s okay, and it’s pretty normal to let kids leave things alone when they’re done doing them, but it becomes a bad habit.

As they grow, they depend on all things from you so they always expect that you do all things for them which is not good at all, is it?

So, I taught my son to bring his own plate on the kitchen sink whenever he’s done eating. While some moms think this is abusing since the child is still a toddler.

This is totally not abusing your child, as you teach him to organize things while he’s young. This is a good practice while they are at an early age.

As a mother, there are times that you need to get things done.

But, it’s also interesting and fun to let them do simple things independently.

This is also one good practice because while he’s still young, he knows where things should be in the house.

Moreover, it’s fun to teach your child how to fix his toys when he’s finished playing. One tricky way to do this is to make it a game as well.

For instance, you ask your child to pick his toys and shoot them in the toy cart. But, make sure to do it carefully as there are toys that are fragile.

Make things interesting for the child to have the feeling of contentment doing the activity.

Putting legs on the table is also one of the bad habits of children we should avoid.

There are instances when my son does this when he’s waiting for his food to be served. I always remind him to behave and put his legs down because it’s bad.

Talk to your child and tell him/her that it’s no good at all. Make him understand that it shows disrespect and bad manner.

Consequently, if this is ignored, the child will keep doing this even in any house he goes to.

Furthermore, eating soundly is also one of the habits that children should avoid.

Teach them good manners when in front of the table. It’s important to show them how to eat without making sounds or speak while their mouth is full.

Getting up very late is a problem we are facing since the pandemic has started. My kids stay up very late, that’s why they get up later than usual.

They usually sleep at around 7 at night and wake up 6 in the morning. When the pandemic (COVID-19) started, it became a habit that they sleep late at night and late in the morning.


I let them take a nap at midday for an hour. They can play until they get exhausted before eating dinner. Somewhere around 7 until 8 they are already sound asleep.

The plan was easier for me because I need to get them back to their usual sleeping time.

We need to keep an eye on their sleeping patterns especially when it becomes a habit to stay in bed until 9 in the morning. It’s totally not good.

In relation to getting up very late in the morning, sometimes kids skip breakfast. As much as possible, get them back on track with their usual schedule, and prepare their breakfast as soon as you get up earlier in the morning.

If you don’t want to rush the next day, you can prepare the things you need so they can be ready by morning.

Breakfast is the most important source of energy to start the day.

If kids don’t take in any food in the morning, they will feel very irritable, tired, and cranky all throughout the day.

There are many matters regarding the bad habits of children. Therefore, share your experiences, your children’s habits, and how you have come up with a plan. Was your plan effective?

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