Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding-Tips for Moms

Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding-Tips for Moms

Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding-Tips for Moms, one of the most frequently asked questions of women. Many moms focus on what they need to eat while breastfeeding. We want to make sure that we take in the specific nutrients for the benefit of our baby.

Hence, here are some of the Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding & Tips for Moms

Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeinated drinks, most especially coke and coffee should be taken moderately. You can drink at a maximum of 2 cups a day, but after you breastfeed your baby.

Coffee is one of the foods to avoid while breastfeeding-for moms
Caffeinated Drink (Coffee)

Timing is very important when you want to take in something that you know will make our baby fussy. Make sure your baby already fed and is sleeping when you want to drink coffee or soda.

Furthermore, it’s also okay to try every food you want and observe your baby. There may be spicy foods that you want to eat, go on. It’s okay to eat whatever you want but ensure how your baby’s system reacts to the foods you take in.

Eat whatever you like. These are just some foods to avoid while breastfeeding, but it doesn’t mean that they will 10% harm your baby. Studies show that they will make your baby fussy. In fact, it depends.

Avoid fishes that have mercury content

Fishes such as swordfish and other fishes that may contain mercury should be avoided. Your baby’s stomach might get upset.

Watch for undercooked food

You can also get some side effects from eating undercooked food such as meat, eggs, and other foods that are uncooked well.

I am also a breastfeeding mother to my 5-month old little boy. I always make sure that I get enough nutrients, and at least try a variety of good foods to expose my baby to different tastes.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, you can still eat the usual foods you have been eating, and observe your baby. It’s important to take note of the foods you have eaten.

This is to make sure what foods you should avoid while breastfeeding. Another tip for moms is to check if your baby gets fussy every time you eat maybe your favorite food. That’s the time you should cut eating that certain food.

There are no exact prohibitions or food not allowed to breastfeeding mothers. As long as your baby is okay and doing very well, it’s okay to eat what you want. But always remember the foods we have mentioned above.

They should be taken moderately because they will surely affect your baby’s system, as well as his body’s reaction and conditions.

Take note of the Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding-Tips for Moms we have mentioned above.

Let me know of the foods that you want to eat, but you think are not allowed because they might affect your baby. Comments are much appreciated!

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