Is Homeschooling Better Than Going to School In Person?

Is Homeschooling Better Than Going to School In Person?

So, is homeschooling better than going to school in person? I strongly believe that as a mother, we want our children to grow knowing more people and having to meet friends outside. However, in this toxic world, we’d rather prefer them stay at home and study instead.

There are many factors why some mothers prefer homeschooling, while some prefer letting their kids go to a typical school. Let’s discuss the factors and reasons. Nevertheless, I have come to list all things possible for both homeschooling and physically going out to school.

Homeschooling is better

This image shows a homeschooling boy.

At home, we can always look after them while they study, right? However, when kids stay at home all the time without going out or meeting other people, they get bored so easily.

I would say it’s also difficult when we keep them inside the house most of the time. I know that they are secured, they don’t need to spend on daily expenses for school such as papers, handouts given by the teacher, meals and many more!

Practically, we don’t even want to waste our time with traffic jams, struggle in crowded places, fall in long lines, wait for transportation, and all those time-wasting factors that could also affect their studies.

Sometimes, they don’t get their own time to finish breakfast, and they don’t do assignments very well because they are affected by many things outside. As a result, they lose their focus when they go to school.

Therefore, I want other moms to share their experiences regarding how they handle their children’s homeschooling rather than letting them enjoy the benefits of going to school.

Going to school is better than homeschooling

This image shows a group of pupils in a classroom. Going to school is better than homeschooling.

To be fair, let’s see the differences between letting your kid at school and just prefer homeschooling.

Going to school is better than homeschooling because of many good reasons.

Firstly, our children meet other children at school. Interacting with other people will help them develop their social skills, as well as getting them used to interaction. Of course, in the long run, we don’t want our kids to turn into introverts, right?

Secondly, we do love to see how they improve in classroom activities. There are a lot to learn in a classroom, that we cannot apply at home.

Compared to homeschooling, going to school is more enjoyable to kids. If you let them decide which they would prefer, you need to respect that decision because your child knows how he or she is going to cope up well academically.

Nevertheless, there are things you need to consider before bringing your child to a school. Let your child understand that it’s totally a different world outside.

While it’s normal to experience being treated differently in the real toxic world; we need to prepare them for whatever challenges they may encounter throughout the years.

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