How to Take Care of and Maintain Children’s Beautiful Teeth

How to Take Care of and Maintain Children’s Beautiful Teeth

How do you take care of and maintain your children’s beautiful teeth? Dental care is very important especially at the very start of developing teeth. We want to make sure that we clean every corner of each tooth to prevent it from decaying. Here are tips for mothers to have a broader knowledge about the proper care for your children’s teeth:

By the month of six after birth, babies start to develop their first teeth. However, we need to understand that our babies are still overcoming too much irritation while teething. Additionally, as soon as your baby’s teeth show up, that’s when you start brushing them.

This should become a daily routine not only to take good care of your baby’s beautiful teeth but also to maintain proper hygiene.

Consistency means a lot to children. This will let them know that this is something you usually do.

Under the age of one, babies don’t need toothpaste while brushing.

On the other hand, at around five months to seven months while those two teeth are still developing, start with a damp cloth. First, dampen a cloth and gently massage your child’s gums. Also, be careful on the hard surface where you feel the teeth are coming out, especially when the gums are swollen.

By the age of one, it’s okay to let your child brush his teeth. Also, they usually chew and suck on their toothbrush but that’s just fine.

mom teaching child how to take good care of and maintain children's teeth

Toddlers are very eager to learn. Get your own toothbrush and show your child how you brush your teeth properly. Of course, he will learn easily but as he sees you demonstrate how. In the same way, you may want to put a tiny smear of toothpaste with fluoride unto your baby’s toothbrush. That is to say, it is totally safe even if they swallow the toothpaste.

Studies show that fluoride is safe for children.

To take care of and maintain children’s teeth takes effort

Firstly, we want to make sure that our child has brushed his teeth before going to bed. Of course, there might be moments when your child may have had a hard time during the day and is not cooperating with you. Secondly, you might just want to still make ways and offer a reward to your child right after.

How do you do that though? Children love storytelling, singing, and playing a little bit for instance. Yet, give your fullest attention to your child as much as possible, because it’s what he needs before he goes to sleep.

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