Important Things In a Mom’s Bag

Important Things In a Mom’s Bag

What are the important things in a mom’s bag? When you’re a mom, you’d prioritize your child/children’s stuff inside your bag than yours, right? Let’s see how many things and what are they those that we can find in every mother’s bag.

  1. Diapers & Wipes

Diapers and wipes are basically the most important things we should have in our bags.

These should never be forgotten when we go to places because it’s difficult to lack baby diapers especially when we are in isolated places with no other stores nearby.

On the other hand, there may be times we literally forget them, so we needed to skip the day’s plan and get back to the house just to change diapers, and you never wanted that to happen!

Well, it’s okay if you forget to bring the wipes, though.

That is to say, you can use tissue paper and wet it a little bit to wipe your baby’s bottom. There are also washrooms nearby in every park we go to, where we can wash our baby’s bottom as well. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that babies get fussy most of the time,

so bring at least 5-7 pieces or more when you go out for a day to make sure you have enough.

One of the most important things we should always remember is to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene!

By just thinking of that, you won’t ever forget what to bring whenever you step out of the house with your baby!

Also, you don’t want to keep those dirty diapers used to avoid diaper rashes and get your baby very irritable!

2. Portable Changing Pad

Firstly, you don’t want to get messy with changing diapers all the time!

Secondly, it’s useful enough to have changing pads wherever you go to maintain cleanliness on your baby’s bottoms.

That is to say, no other particles might enter your baby’s bottom if you are to place him/her somewhere to change.

3. Plastic bags

Plastic bags are important and should always be kept in a mom’s bag. Basically, we do not want to contribute to making a mess around the place where we will be at such as in the park.

So, as much as possible we’d prefer packing those dirty diapers in a plastic bag and keep them until we get home.

However, sometimes we also don’t want to keep them packed until we get home so what we do is properly dispose them into trash bins that aren’t exposed to air to avoid odor all around the place.

Other important things to keep in a mom’s bag are extra bags where we can separately keep dirty diapers that are well-packed and sealed.

4. Extra Clothes for Baby

Extra clothes are important things to keep in a mom’s bag. It’s literally important to always bring extras in case babies throw up, or messed up with foods they eat. Just in case they get dirty, at least they have extra clothes they can change on after.

5. Baby moby wrap, carriers, or sling

Whether your baby is super heavy or not, you still need carriers at least to help you carry without your hands’ full strength that might cause you to get tired easily.

6. Baby Toys

Why would I ring my baby’s toys when we travel? Of course, you should! It’s because you should e able to entertain your child on the way to your destination so give him something handy that he can play with.

Did you know that using carriers with your baby strengthens the closeness and the bond between you and your baby?

7. Beanies, Hats, Caps, Gloves, and Socks

Baby wearing headgear
baby wearing beanie

Whichever your baby got used to, headgears and foot gears are one of the most important things you should keep in a mom’s bag! So, make sure they have to be protected from direct sunlight to avoid sunburns,

or if it’s windy out there you should always let them wear their beanies.

Therefore, don’t let your child get exposed to cold air or windy places, without them wearing protective gear for head, feet, and hands.

8. Nursing Cover

Today, nursing covers are a must-keep in a mom’s bag.

Everywhere you go, you should have a nursing cover to use when you feed your baby especially when you are in a public place.

Also, we all know that it’s perfectly normal to be nursing everywhere we go, anytime the baby is hungry

However, we need to consider covering to avoid over-exposure of the baby from wind, dust, and of course, to avoid showing up because people are so judgemental and we are all different people with a different mindset! Remember that.

Nursing covers are important to protect you and your baby’s privacy

9. Burping cloth and extra cotton cloths

Significantly, we need extra cotton cloths and burping cloths to always keep our baby clean and comfortable. Therefore, pack at least 3-5 pcs.

There are wash rooms where you can wash your cloths after use and keep them in separate bags. Some moms prefer keeping them dry but in separate well-sealed packs as well.

10. Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol

Aside from having the washroom where you can get clean hands, sanitizers are also important things in a mom’s bag in case there are no places to wash. Besides, it’s not all the time washrooms are available in places where you go.

Bring at least handy sanitizers and keep them in your bag all the time.

Therefore, always have a list of the things you need before going to places with your baby so that you won’t miss one thing that should always be present in case your baby needs them.

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