Hi everyone, my name’s Via. I’m a mother of three adorable kids. I currently work online as a Tutor. There are three reasons why I decided to write my own blog.

First, I love writing. I believe it’s my greatest strength since I was young because I was strictly trained and raised by my grandmother, who used to be a Doctor of Education at a University for so many years.

Well, growing up with a strict grandma is not as easy as some people think. I lost all the freedom as a child to go play with other kids outside. Instead, I was an inside girl who was learning all cursive writing, answering essay questions, and all paper works that were not suitable for my age.

I am still grateful because I used to love all those things all my life. I love jotting down things that are in my mind, writing articles about anything, and I really want to share all my thoughts, opinions, tips, as a mother to all of you, especially to mothers including first-time moms. I also want to hear from your own experiences so get in touch with me as soon as you read one of my blogs and you have something to say about it, whether it’s agreeing with the context of opposing the idea. I would greatly appreciate all thoughts and it will also help me improve, shape, and of course, build good communication with all of you.

Secondly, I really love the feeling of sharing ideas with other people. I have found out that one of my passions is teaching and it is where I applied writing and to share my own opinions and ideas. There are so many things that I have learned from my students as they learn from me. Learning, as a teacher especially as a mother is a lifetime process.

The most special reason why I decided to create my own blog is that I am inspired by my little children. They are the reason why I keep going and maintaining a positive environment. Having to share mom ideas, pieces of advice, and everything about parenting kept me thinking and realized I could also be a writer online so it’s also worth a try. It feels amazing to have your kids by your side while you are all at home, safe and you have the strongest bond together.

I knew right from the start that my niche would be about parenting, motherhood, babies, toddlers, and all the activities that could be done at home while taking care of kids, and the facts and information that we can all learn from. It’s all up here if you are looking for a blog full of experiences, a little humor, and the life of a mom working from home.

I hope that by telling you a bit about my story, you are also motivated to do what you really want to do in life, especially when you have kids that you prioritize the most!

Let’s have a fruitful year together as we all share each other’s experiences through writing, teaching, and of course through learning! And, I believe that everyone can be a writer in their own way!

I personally want to welcome all of you to my blog! We learn together as we grow with humble hearts, sharp minds, and a practical characteristic!